Top Questions you Should Ask your Plastic Surgeon Prior to Surgery

If you and your plastic surgeon work together to set reasonable objectives and speak freely, you’ll receive the greatest outcomes from your procedure. Together, you and your surgeon can decide whether Plastic Surgery in Dubai is the best option for you if you both have a clear knowledge of your objectives, expectations, and driving forces. Here we will discuss a few questions which every individual should ask their surgeon prior to the surgery. 

Which Procedure Do you Suggest I have?

You could be set on a specific operation or course of treatment, but you should prepare to discuss the best course of action for you and your concerns with your doctor during your visit. The final choice is yours, but the plastic surgeon will be able to look at the problem more comprehensively and may present you with a number of choices that you qualify for.

Why Is Choosing a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Important?

While education and training are crucial in choosing your surgeon, they should not be the only ones taken into account. The importance of board certification cannot be understated. Only plastic surgeons who have passed difficult examinations can become qualified. 

With this certification, they have proven their expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, knowledge of a few years of general surgery and a few years of plastic surgery training, passing comprehensive oral and written evaluations, adhering to a strict code of ethics, and graduating from an accredited medical school.

Do you have Before-and-After Images I May View for Each Procedure?

After all, you want to view images of past patients who underwent the procedure you’re considering. Don’t be afraid to ask the surgeon if he or she has photos of people who have experienced the same problems. This will help you better comprehend how Cosmetics Surgery in Dubai will change the way you look. Think about if the outcomes meet your expectations for the particular surgical technique as you view these photographs.

How many Appointments are Required before the Procedure?

Three to seven days prior to your procedure, you will meet with your plastic surgeon for a “pre-op” appointment. As you wait, your surgeon will evaluate your medical history, perform blood and EKG testing, go through the planned treatment with you, address any concerns you may have, and order any extra tests you might need. As a result, be certain that you are able to completely commit and are aware of the schedule from the time you book your treatment until your last follow-up session.

Where will my Operation take Place?

This ought to be the facility where you receive care. Following surgery, follow-up treatment is more convenient if it is near to home. Any location where you undergo surgery needs to be registered with the health authority.

How Long will it Take me to Recover?

Inquire about the normal recuperation time so you can, if necessary, schedule time off work and child care. Ask about swelling, bruising, and any protective clothing you might require. Find out if the hospital provides them or if you need to bring your own.

Which Anaesthetic kind will be Applied During my Procedure?

Three general categories of anaesthesia exist. Only a small area of the body is momentarily paralysed by local anaesthetic. It is applied where the procedure will take place. Consider local anaesthetic to be similar to the novocaine used in dental offices. 

Regional anaesthesia is the second type of anaesthesia. This also numbs only a segment of the body, but because it is supplied through the nerves that provide that area of the body with feeling, it also numbs more of the body. The form of anaesthetic used during labour is regional anaesthesia. 

General anaesthesia is the last form of anaesthesia and the one that is most frequently utilised during Plastic Surgery in Dubai operations. This is done to make the patient unconscious during surgery.

You can talk in-depth about the different types of general anaesthesia with your prospective plastic surgeon. Our surgeons always go through the sort of anaesthetic that will be utilised during the surgery with their patients and address any questions they might have.

What Are the Potential Risks of This Procedure?

Everything in surgery and medicine might have negative repercussions or difficulties. After surgery, swelling, bruising, and pain of various intensities are typical; patients should be made aware of these. Even yet, complications are extremely unlikely to happen. Infection and bleeding are the most typical surgical procedure consequences. 

In addition to this, each procedure and anaesthesia also have its own unique set of risks. All qualified and moral healthcare professionals inform their patients of these hazards. Some are simple to treat, while others would require further surgery.

Looking for a Consultation for Plastic Surgery in Dubai?

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Throughout every step of their plastic surgery journey, our surgeons ensure that their patients are at ease and well-informed. Contact us right away to arrange your cosmetic treatment consultation.