How Quickly Can I Get bariatric Surgery

A bariatric surgery requires some time to be scheduled due to a number of reasons. The anticipation to get it done immediately and see the results is very Legit because everyone wants to lose weight instantly. It is not just done for aesthetic reasons but more for medical aspects like to prevent cardiovascular problems, to lower the risk of heart attack, to inhibit the presence of cholesterol in the body etc. Nonetheless everything contributes to the time required to get the periodic surgery done.  

What is Bariatric Surgery? 

A bariatric surgery is a Weight Loss Surgery which is done by sleeve gastrectomy of the stomach. It is a procedure that involves shortening of the stomach walls by removing a portion/section of them and stitching back. 

This shortening of the stomach is responsible for giving a feeling of fullness very quickly. As a result the candidate Feels a sense of stomach filling soon after he or she takes a few bites of their meals.

How Quickly Can I get Bariatric Surgery? 

According to medical specialists, Bariatric Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can take about 6 to 8 weeks from scheduling the appointment till the day of the surgery. A series of steps are done in between that duration and certain factors also depend on the time taken for the surgery. 

What are Factors Affecting the time for Bariatric Surgery?

The Time for Appointment:

Some hospitals that are performing bariatric surgeries on a larger scale will take a little longer to give you the initial appointment for a bariatric surgery. You need to wait a lot for your initial consultation and only after the confirmation in the initial consultation you will qualify for the surgery. 

The Time Taken for your Decision:

 If your surgeon has recommended bariatric surgery, now it depends upon you on how fast you take the decision or how  much time you need to make up your mind. 

The Number of Initial Tests:

 Once you’re appointed for a bariatric surgery there are a certain number of tests which need to be performed prior to the treatment as a prerequisite.  tests such as CBC, fasting and random sugar, abdominal ultrasound, vitamins test, serum and electrolytes are some of the mandatory tests that again take time. 

The Time Required for Test Results:

The tests mentioned above may take time to show the results as it is not just the candidate only awaiting the results. The  other patients are also under the pipeline for receiving their lab results, and the results are dispatched accordingly. 

The Time Taken by Insurance Givers:

This is one of the most time taking processes in any surgery. not all insurance providers will approve your surgery then and there,  you have to wait for at least one to two weeks to receive a complete approval from the insurance company. 

The Arrangement of Funds:

Candidates who do not receive an approval from insurance companies are required to arrange the funds for a Bariatric Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi by themselves. This totally depends upon the candidate as to how fast they are able to arrange the required amount for the surgery. 

Personal Reasons:

A lot of the candidates experience delay in their surgery because their workplaces do not grant them a leave instantly.

Another reason for further delay in your surgery can be smoking cessation. You need to stop smoking for at least one to two weeks prior to your surgery.   

The Availability of the Surgeon:

The availability and schedule of the surgeon is one of the major aspects for the time taken to do your surgery. The Dynamic Clinic in the UAE ensures that as soon as you are approved for the Bariatric Surgery in Dubai your surgeon then readily becomes available for you without waiting.

The Preoperative Diet:

Prior to your bariatric surgery your surgeon will give you a diet chart to follow for around two to three weeks. 

How is Bariatric  Surgery Done? 

  • Initial consultation and appointment.
  • lab tests and investigations including ultrasound, X-ray, CT scans.
  • sleeve gastrectomy by removing the stomach section surgically.
  • closure of the stomach using absorbable threads and stitches.
  • Step down recovery.
  • Discharged from the hospital along with post operative instructions.

Cost of Bariatric Surgery in Dubai? 

The cost of Bariatric Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi ranges from 9,999 AED to 20,000 AED. However the cost solely depends upon the superiority of the surgeon, the complexity of the surgery, the age of the patient and the weight of the patient. 

The Bottom Line!

Keeping the factors mentioned above in consideration you can know how quickly I can get Bariatric Surgery In Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Certain things such as arrangement of funds, diet control, smoking cessation are in your hands and so you can cut down the time yourself. The Dynamic Clinic assures that you will not require to wait any longer from their part as soon as you are scheduled for a Bariatric surgery.