FUE Transplant Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

What is FUE?

FUE hair transplant is the latest and popular surgical hair restoration procedure. It is the most reliable solution to overcome the hair thinning problem because it helps you permanently restore a youthful look. The procedure is a bit expensive but the results worth it.

The doctor performs this surgery in his office under local or general anesthesia. During the operation, follicles are removed from donor sites and placed in the hair-bearing areas of the scalp. The surgery stimulates natural hair growth and increases an individual’s inner confidence. The best thing about the surgery is that the transplanted hairs wonderfully mimic the look of natural hair and the effects last for a longer period of time.

Is there any Non-surgical Alternative?

If you don’t want to undergo knife to overcome the hair loss then you can go for non-surgical solutions. The non-surgical treatments such as PRP, medications, low-level laser therapy and micro-needling, etc. are effective but long-term which means if you are considering any non-surgical treatment then you have to keep in mind that it will need a lot of your time in future because multiple sessions will be needed to get the desired results.

Cost of FUE hair transplant:

While considering cosmetic treatment the first thing that pops up in mind is the cost. The price of hair transplant is not fixed, it fluctuates depending upon many factors. Common cost factors of FUE hair transplant include,


  1. Number of grafts required
  2. Qualification, skills and expertise of the surgeon
  3. Size of the treatment site
  4. Geographical location of the clinic
  5. Recovery cost


1.      Number of grafts required

The cost of FUE hair transplant Dubai & Abu Dhabi highly fluctuates with the number of hairs you are transferring. For some patients, 1800 grafts are enough while for others more than 2200 grafts are required so depending upon this amount, the cost varies.

2.      Expertise of the surgeon

Qualification, skills, and experience of the surgeon play a vital role in determining the exact price. Typically, experienced surgeons are more expensive than surgeons who are new in their work but you should never compromise with the quality of the results because of its higher cost.

3.      Size of the treatment site

The surgeon charges more for larger bald areas than the smaller ones because large areas require extra time and effort of the surgeon. In the initial consultation session, the treatment site is examined to give you an estimated cost.

4.      Geographical Location of the clinic

Depending upon the geographical location of the clinic the cost changes. Hair transplants clinics situated in Dubai are charging more for the transplants than the clinics situated in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Visit several clinics and we are sure you will find our prices less than others.

5.      Recovery cost

After the surgery, there will be some pain and swelling in the treatment site. To reduce these side-effects, the patient will be prescribed some pain killers and cold compressors so the cost of these extras will be added in the total cost.


Choosing a Surgeon:

The selection of right surgeon is a very important and crucial decision a sufferer has to make. You have to look for an experienced surgeon if you wish to get the best possible results of the treatment. Choose a surgeon and in the first meet up ask him about his qualifications and previous cases that he had handled. There is no need to shy because it is your right.

Why choose us?

Dynamic Hair Transplant Clinic is a renowned cosmetic surgery clinic in the UAE. Experienced, trained and best surgeons work with us to deliver the type of results patients want to get. They are trained in all the surgical and non-surgical treatments of hair loss. We aim to provide excellent health care services to the patients because customer satisfaction is our topmost priority.

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