Which Facial is Best in Dubai

In the world of pollution, the skin needs maintenance over time. While facials sound tempting and most satisfying when it comes to dull skin. Despite trying home techniques, shouldn’t you try something authentic; dermatologists approved? Which Facial is Best in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Read ahead.

HydraFacial- Best Facial in Dubai:

Which facial is best in Dubai? Today, HydraFacial is reported so far best in treating every skin deformity. This facial has taken skincare to next level and promises the sparkling glow that would make everyone ask, the secret behind your flawless skin.

The best part, hydra facials are FDA-approved and apply to every skin type. Whether your skin is dry, itchy, or oily, you can get it for yourself without any second thought. Hence, the people who are concerned with the side effects of facials can surely trust this facial.

What is the Process of HydraFacial?

The process of HydraFacial is simple and therefore comfortable. Throughout the process, you would be relaxed. Many of our patients fall asleep during treatment.

  • In the beginning, the facial begins with a simple massage. This massage releases the tension in the skin and actives the muscles.
  • After that, your skin is exfoliated which is then followed by ultra-serum LED treatment.
  • An oxygen mask is applied over the face for more appreciating outcomes.
  • Additional massages are done every five minutes which lets the skin absorb the serums.

The entire process takes around 30-40 minutes or perhaps longer if complex skin concerns are to be treated. 

Is HydraFacial For my Skin?

Hydra facial is based on the anatomy of treating all skin concerns. No matter If your skin is dull or pigmented from high sun exposures. Perhaps or if your skin has wrinkles even at an early age. This one facial could react the best solution ever.

Below are the rigid skin concerns in which HydraFacial is proven effective:

How Much HydraFacial Cost?

Getting the skin of your dreams would charge you only AED 750. This short investment won’t be going wrong. Be aware, prices can vary as per your skin concern and desired results. And for truly remarkable results, be sure to get repeated sessions.

Our dermatologist would guide you on the number of sessions and expected cost in your case. 


To care for your pigmented, dull skin, so many facials are there to benefit. Ranging from natural aloe Vera remedies to face masks to even hydra facials. Which Facial is Best in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? — Million-dollar question and one simple answer is HydraFacial. This facial is proven effective worldwide even become the latest trend. Famous personalities, actors, actresses are now obsessed with posting Instagram selfies while having these facials. And surely, you would receive trusted services and Best Hydra Facials in Dubai from us.

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