What Do Most Dermatologists Recommend for Acne

Having acne doesn’t mean losing hope. Never give up! Its accurate treatment can bless you with pimple-free, clearer skin even with a few days.

Acne diagnosis is utterly important before its treatment begins. Indeed, a dermatologist visit becomes mandatory in this regard. Besides, when we talk about the home remedies and popping ways, you can only end up in scarring which is the most terrible result of acne. For sure dermatologists can suggest the most secure acne treatment in Dubai. Still, people wonder,

What do dermatologists recommend for acne in Dubai?

To answer this query, we have written this blog. The UAE’s best dermatologist’s recommendations for acne removal are covered in it. Proceed on to enlighten them. Before we get into its depth, let’s first have a brief look at the reasons behind acne.

What Causes Acne?

Our body produces its sebum oil that sometimes gets stuck into the pores. The oily dead skin combines and blocks the pores. This way plug form of red skin emerges upon the face, which is acne. According to most skin specialists, people having oily skin are more inclined towards acne instead of the ones who own dry skin.

Despite skin types, some oily and spicy foods are also responsible for acne. They disturb your oil glands, immune system and can lead you to acne problems.

Treating Acne? Time to See a Dermatologist!

Everyone knows pimples are hard to deal with!

It’s not necessary to go for a dermatologist check-up only in severe acne. You can also get the benefit of getting advice for mild acne, which is pretty helpful. As if you prevent it in its earlier stages before its root gets worse, there is less chance of bearing severe acne problems.

A dermatologist is the only person that can help you in having acne-free skin.

Most Recommended Treatments for Acne?

Dermatologists prefer plenty of procedures for acne removal. Based on the extent of your acne size and its complexity, the treatment is advised accordingly. They aren’t intended to use fewer approaches. Their entire focus is just to treat the acne safely that won’t come back in the future.

Following are the most preferable acne-removal treatments from dermatologists. They can be used either with topical ointments or perhaps without them. Our doctors will let you know about the post-handlings in detail, so you can permanently get rid of acne. Please proceed.

Laser Acne Removal:

What do dermatologists recommend for acne in Dubai? – Indeed it’s laser!

A specific dose of laser light can handle every extent of acne. In most scenarios, multiple visits are required to achieve the best possible results. While this conduct is most preferred by dermatologists due to its painless and non-invasive nature. Not every person is ready to go for excision procedures. This is why it’s a great choice for the majority’s dermatologists.

Chemical Peels:

In this procedure, a specified solution is applied to the acne area. It typically comprises salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or sometimes retinoic acid to peel off the uppermost damaged layer. It’s one session can’t be enough, repeated ones are requisite.

Steroid Injection:

Cystic lesions or untreatable acne is easily handled by injecting steroid drug. This therapy instantly clears off the acne but there might be some discoloration in the treated area, which usually fades over time.

Drainage and Extraction:

Another technique usually advised by the doctor is drainage. It’s certainly practiced when large or painful pimples need to be treated. Dermatologists make a small incision on the conflicted area with a surgical blade and then removes whatever’s inside. The entire process is performed carefully so that no scars can left.

Which is Best for Me?

There is no one solution found perfect for every acne. Most of the time lasers are advised. As they found perfect for treating even severe acne. Still, the best one would be recommended by the dermatologist in consideration of your age, depth of acne as well as your comfort with the procedure.

Indeed a dermatologist visit is mandatory. As they don’t only treat acne also prescribe the most reliable topical ointments that help a lot in acne removal from its roots.

The acne-removal treatment options are limited to pregnant or lactating mothers.

Let’s Conclude:

A dermatologist is the only person that can help you in overcoming acne-problems. At Dynamic clinic, our experts propose the safest acne treatment that don’t cause any damage to your skin. From lasers to even excision, every single procedure is performed carefully. Based on your extent of acne, a suitable treatment is advised. Most commonly lasers are chosen.

What do dermatologists recommend for acne in Dubai?

This blog provided the answer to this query in detail. Still, you wish to know more. Get in touch with our dermatologists now!