prp treatment dubai offers

Everyone  knows that PRP hair treatment is now one of the leading methods through which you can entail a perfect hair style volume and thickness. Its  success and benefits outnumbered any other treatment that work conventionally for hair growth and loss. Above all the Dynamic Clinic provides offers and packages round the year for our valued candidates so that they can enjoy the benefits along with the reasonable costs. Here are some of the best PRP treatment Dubai offers and listed so that you can choose them based on your demand and requirement.

What is PRP?

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma extracted from the donor’s body and luckily the recipient is also the donor himself. Once PRP is extracted from the body it is then reinjected into the different sites such as the scalp, the joints etc for healing recovery or growth of new hair follicles.

Why is PRP so hyped?

 The reason why we PRP is getting common and raging nowadays is because of the success rate it has along with being a natural treatment. Since it is extracted from the body and the body’s own constituent there is no risk of side effects or any harm unlike chemicals and other medications. The people residing in Dubai choose PRP over any other treatment because they know that it will not let them down and it’ll be highly beneficial.

 Who are the ideal candidates for PRP hair treatment?

  •  Candidates who have alopecia
  •  people who have recently the shape of their heads due to any illness or scalp disease
  •  candidate to have experienced massive hair loss
  •  cancer survivors who have lost their hair in chemotherapies
  • Women who have experienced in her last due to pregnancy and parturition

What are the beneficial effects of PRP hair treatment?

  •  Enhances hair growth
  •  Improves the functional activity of the hair follicles
  •  Promotes blood flow to the scalp
  •  nourishes and  improves the overall quality of the follicles
  •  add extra volume and thickness to the hair
  •  makes the hair more heavier and dense
  •  add a lusciousness and gloss to the hair.

What is the PRP treatment Dubai price? 

On average the  PRP treatment overall costs about ranging from 699 AED to 299 a add. However our clinic is offering some amazing PRP treatment Dubai offers love for our dear candidates. Note that PRP treatment can be done in multiple sessions and sometimes a single session is not alone capable of producing volumized hair.  

The PRP treatment Dubai offers

One session 

Cost 700 AED

Cost per single session 700 AED

Three sessions

Cost   1750 AED 

Cost per single session 583 AED

 Four sessions

 Cost  1980 AED

 Cost per single session  495 AED  

 The more sessions you choose the lesser the cost per session becomes. 

What are the reasons for choosing multiple PRP sessions?

The requirement of multiple PRP sessions totally depends upon the doctor as well as the candidate themselves. Some physicians would suggest that multiple sessions are mandatory because the follicles are not completely capable of growing or multiplying by just a single session therefore in order to get the best results and to have a scalp completely filled with the thicker and luscious hair you need to go for multiple sessions.

Who is exempted from PRP treatments?

  •  smokers and alcoholic users are completely exempted from PRP treatments
  •  Candidates who have recently had any blood disease or illness
  •  Can you who are taking blood thinners such as warfarin and or heparin.

The final verdict

We suggest you get your PRP treatment offers booked right now so that you can flaunt this season in your new hair and new look.  The team of hair specialists strive hard to work in providing the best treatment and all the candidates treated successfully our still having their sessions continued for the optimum results.