Liposuction for Abs in Dubai

To all the men out there! Your body is the biggest attraction and defines your masculinity.

We know how much you all struggle to get the perfectly contoured body with the six-pack abs. 

From strenuous workouts to a strict healthy diet, snacks and protein shakes consumption, but still find it challenging to get those abs. Dynamic Clinic has a solution that will give you the desired results overnight. Yes, overnight!!

We have excellent Liposuction Surgery in Dubai for you!

Liposuction Surgery:

Liposculpture or abdominal etching is a surgical technique that aims to contour and curve the irregular abdominal shape by liposuction (removing the extra fat) around the abdomen, defining the muscles resulting in a six-pack abs creation in just one night.

Who Qualifies for Abdominal Surgery?

  • The right candidate for men’s liposuction in Dubai or abdominal etching can be the one who underwent a strict diet, healthy snacks, protein shakes, strenuous exercises and workouts and almost has achieved the goal of weight loss. But working hard and couldn’t get the six-pack abs. So, the abdominal etching technique can contour the abdominal curves to him.
  • A physically fit person in good health is the right candidate to go for it.
  • A person with 30% less than the ideal weight is perfect for getting men’s liposuction. The important thing that should be cleared in the patient’s mind is that abdominal liposuction is not a weight loss process but just an abdominal contouring method. 
  • A person who is a nonsmoker has realistic expectations and does not suffer from other health diseases like heart problems, and diabetes should go to get the six-pack abs.

Choosing the Best Practitioner and Consultation:

Choosing a board-certified practitioner who provides customer satisfaction and natural-looking results and has years of experience with high surgical success rates is essential.

After selecting the appropriate doctor, the next and the most important is the consultation with them. 

In the initial consultation, tell your aesthetic goals, demands and the expected results to the doctor. Better not to hesitate and explain everything about your health openly, including your lifestyle, habits, smoking, drugs, diet, medical history and everything, because the customized treatment totally depends on it. 

The practitioner will examine and evaluate whatever you’ve explained and then inform you whether you fit the candidacy criteria or not.

Generally, people with excess or not enough weight cannot have the six-pack abs abdominal surgery.

The procedure of Liposuction for Abs in Dubai :

It is a 90 minutes process that doesn’t require a hospital stay, which means you will get discharged on the same day.

The Abdominal Liposuction treatment starts by giving the local or general anesthetic to the patient. The healthcare professional marks to make an outline for the guideline on the belly accurately in detail for excess fat reduction and six-pack abs creation. After that, many small incisions are made so that they will hide in the body contour. Then, a cannula is used that gets inserted under the skin through the incision and helps take out the extra fat. 

The wounds then get closed.

This is how the sculpted abs are made through abdominal liposuction.

What to expect after surgery?

After surgery, the healthcare professional will apply a piece of tight cloth around the abdomen to ensure that the treated area can heal. It is okay to feel discomfort and pain after the surgery, which can be alleviated through painkillers. 

Post-Procedure Care:

  • Increase healthy food intake to heal quickly and correctly.
  • Do not forget to take the practitioner’s prescribed medications.
  • It is recommended to avoid heavy workouts, exercise and weight lifting at least for two weeks after treatment. 
  • It is suitable to wear a tight cloth or a compression garment around the abdomen until the wound gets healed or the doctor advises you to remove it. 
  • Follow up sessions are required to notice the progress in the wound healing and results.

Abs Liposuction Cost:

The Liposuction surgery cost in Dubai roughly starts from AED 20,000. The price is quite affordable than the amount we spend on other body contouring techniques. Also, the price includes the expenses of several vital elements which actually make it.

Consultation at Dynamic Clinic in Dubai!

Dynamic Clinic is one of the leading aesthetic clinics in UAE with proven and outstanding services; all credit goes to our team that consists of board-certified and expert healthcare professionals. We offer the best Men’s Liposuction in Dubai at budget-friendly rates with no compromise on quality.