Light Chemical Peels in Dubai

Have you ever noticed that your skin is made up of thousands in thousands of layers? The outermost layer is the one that is the most important one for stop this is because it is very prone and susceptible to exposures leading to the delicious and build up of impurities for stop their need and requirement for the removal of the outermost skin is important to to prevent with the dirt and grime from transferred into the innermost layer switch is very easy to travel for stop are clinic of light Chemical Peels in Dubai that is one of the best method through which some keeping agents can be used to the layer The outermost skin without any damage or harm for stop the and results are surprisingly  astounding as you will be left with a perfectly blemish free and clear Spotless skin for stop here is all about chemical peel discuss in detail.

What are Chemical Peels:

Chemical peels are a type of facial aesthetic treatment in which the outermost layer of your skin is removed or filled of using some mild peeling agents or solutions for stop this is not mean that the skin is just left over for stop the over a period of time new skin will grow that will be a lot more super smooth supple and crystal clear.

Chemical Peels are of Three Types : 

  • Light.
  • Medium.
  • Deep.

What is a Light Chemical Peel:

Elite chemical peel is referred to as the removal of The outermost layer of your skin. it is also known as a superficial period because as a name indicates only the lightest and the most  superior layer of the skin is scraped off.

A light bill session solution will be applied and brushed over all the surface of your skin especially targeting some areas. with a few minutes later the solution will be removed and so so the solution will be having some important agents Like Alpha hydroxy acid that works marvelously especially in removing the outer skin. 

Light Chemical Peel a Realistic Expectation:

With the passage of time the requirement of light chemical peel in Dubai have become very common. this is generally because with exuberant results and no downtime for stop and Like The Other facial treatment chemical peels specially light chemical peel does not require the use of heavy fancy ingredients or chemicals.

On the other hand like chemical peels are quite effective in preventing the skin from the further damage of the UV rays coma pollution aur any other skin damaging factors it is important to take care of your skin especially after the session of your light chemical peel. 

After a section of light chemical peel korma your skin me a slightly rough but that is a very temporary change for stop it will subside in a day or two for stop it is suggested that you need to schedule your light chemical peels session at least a week before any special event coming up for stop this will prevent the roughness to be noticeable and the results will also generally take around 3 to 4 days to enhance completely.

What are Some of the Prime Benefit of Light Chemical Peel:

Pictures of wrinkles and the finite associated with it prevents the skin from the Raat of Sun damage allows to improve the appearance of acne scars remove of hyper pigmentation from your skin can fade scars of any type from the face as in the treatment of melasma improve the overall skin tone by eliminating the areas of an even skin tone or double toned

The Procedure of Light Chemical Peel:

Before you dive into the details of the procedure of a light chemical peel here is what expectation will do to prepare you for a chemical peel.

The Pre- Procedure:

You will be advised to Limit yourself from exposing to sun light avoid using any Harsh Chemicals or cleansers on to your face 2 to 3 days before the treatment the postponed or reschedule any of the appointments you have immediately after the session of light chemical peel 

The Procedure:

Your hair will be tied up and spend a backwards:

  • The session will cleanse your face completely.
  • E and I will be given to you Tu for eye protection.
  • The exception will your face using a topical local anaesthetic agent this is more common in the field rather than the light peace.
  • The Chemical peeling it is applied onto the face.
  • The time will be recorded for how long the agent is left over onto the face.
  • When the time is completed the agent will then be gently removed.
  • Moisturizing agent or and utilizes will be then applied for early on to the entire face and neck.

What is the Cost of Light Chemical Peel:

The cost of the chemical peels are generally depend upon the number of sessions you have chosen is your skin type come how much agent or chemical solution is required for a single session and the type of exception you have chosen for stop considering all these factors are clinic of 1,000 AED for a single session of chemical peels in Dubai.

The Final Verdict!

We are continuously running offers and packages with reference to chemical peels round the year. if you want to know about the currently running packages then book an appointment with our Dermatologist for the Recommendation of the chemical peels suitable for your skin for stop schedule your appointment right now to avail a free consultation right in hand.