How Long Should You Wait Between Botox Treatments

We all go through and experience aging. We intake a healthy diet, do exercise and workouts so we can prevent aging signs, do not appear to be older, and remain healthy and fit. But our skin says it all, especially our facial skin, and this is the worst part the aging signs started getting visible. People get depressed and frustrated with the wrinkles and crepey skin that make them look older and awful.

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What is Botox?

It is a treatment that has gained popularity due to its effectiveness in minimizing anti-aging signs. It has become everyone’s favorite because of its long-term results, non-invasiveness, no recovery, and downtime. 

Botox is made of a drug called botulinum toxin used to paralyze the muscles causing wrinkles temporarily.

Botox Therapy:

A Cosmetic Surgeon doesn’t use anesthesia, but topical anesthesia may be used depending on the patient’s condition. Using thin needles, a Cosmetic Surgeon injects a specific amount of botulinum toxin into the targeted muscles, paralyzing them temporarily. It is a quick 15-minute procedure with instant results. 

How Long Should You Wait Between Botox Treatments?

To achieve the desired and best results, the gap between the botox treatments should be three to four months, not more than that. The cosmetic surgeon typically organizes the treatment in that period when a patient feels the effects of treatment starting to fade. You also can get personalized therapy according to your aims and lifestyle to get the desired outcome. 

Benefits of Botox:

  • The primary benefit provided by botox is the minimization of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It is the best anti-aging treatment used to enhance natural beauty.
  • It lessens the appearance of frown lines.
  • Other than wrinkles, it also treats many other health conditions like chronic migraine, excessive underarm sweating, muscle pain, overactive bladder, eye twitching, urinary incontinence, and other chronic health issues.
  • It is a quick, non-invasive procedure.
  • The treatment provides immediate and long-term results.
  • The treatment is provided in Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic at the most reasonable rates in the UAE.

Side Effects of Botox: 

There are no side effects if you get the botox done by a specialist Cosmetic Surgeon. You might encounter some fewer side effects if you got the botox done not from the expert:

  • Bruising.
  • Mild pain.
  • Headache.

Is Botox worth the money?

Getting Face Botox is undoubtedly worth the money for those who undergo wrinkled skin and want to reduce the aging signs to get smooth, wrinkle-free skin. It’s an incredible procedure that makes an instant improvement to your skin. Despite treating wrinkles and smoothing the skin, it provides short- and long-term benefits to other medical conditions.

Downtime and Recovery from Botox:

The therapy is non-invasive and requires no down and recovery. The patient can quickly resume daily life activities right after the treatment. You have to follow the post-treatment instructions, which are as follows:

  • Avoid rubbing or massaging the treated area.
  • Avoid going to the hot baths and tanning booths for at least four hours right after the treatment.

How long does Botox last?

The long-term results of the botox rely on where you get it from and how seriously you have taken into consideration the pre and post-treatment guidelines of Cosmetic Surgeons. 

The patient will start seeing the full effects within a few weeks, and the results typically last for three to four months. Some patients experience the outcome longer than five months. The follow-up treatments are required to get the results last longer.

Botox Cost in Dubai

Botox cost in Dubai generally starts from 599 AED and may go up to 3000 AED depending on the area the patient wants to get treated.

The price can not be exact for any treatment because it covers the expenses of all the factors a patient gets throughout e treatment. Those factors are the practitioner’s expertise, the patient’s requirements, personalized therapy, Clinic’s characteristics and location.

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