fat dissolving injections

If you don’t want to go under the knife for instant weight loss then you can take the needle instead!  Yes, the fat melting injections in Dubai are now the latest method through which candidates can instantly lose weight without going for surgical options. you can finally say goodbye to those tiring workouts and portion control eating. Have a look on the pros and cons of fat melting injections addressed down below. 

What are Fat Melting Injections? 

Fat melting injections consist of deoxycholic acid which is an agent that directly targets the fat cells and breaks them down collectively. They are placed directly into the skin and the agent is then drawn into the skin that can be penetrated into the cells subsequently.

Types of Fat Melting Injections? 

The fat melting injections in Dubai that are normally used in our practice include: 

  • Kybella.
  • Aqualyx.
  • Lipolysis.

What are the target areas for Fat Melting Injections?

Generally fat melting injections can be driven into any area of the body which is composed of adipose tissues however following are the major target areas: 

  • Waist and abdomen.
  • Your arms.
  • Hips and thighs.
  • The jaw.
  • The thorax.
  • Double chin area.

What are the Pros and Cons of Fat Melting Injections?

Before going for fat melting injections you should be well aware about the pros and cons beforehand: 


Helps in Instant Weight Loss:

Weight loss programs like keto diet, paleo diet, intermittent fasting, gyming, workout etc all take forever to show the results. Moreover they also require consistency and regularity which is very less likely for people with busy schedules. Fat melting injections will instantly help you reduce a subsequent amount of pounds without any side effects.

Is completely safe:

If you go for a surgical weight loss method, the risk of postoperative infection is very common.  Moreover, there are chances that the healing can be delayed especially with diabetic patients. Fat melting injections are completely safe and don’t have any such potential risks to infection.

Boost metabolism:

After getting fat melting injections it becomes very easy for the body to metabolize any nutrition ingested . This is a major property of fat melting injections that they help in the improvement of metabolism.

Does not require surgical intervention: 

As the name indicates fat melting injections require no surgical treatment as such. This in turn helps healing rapidly and less chances of bed rest.

Has prolonged effects:

Fat melting injections in Dubai have a very prolonged shelf life. You can enjoy its benefits and the results for as long as two to three years.


Moderate tenderness:

You can experience some mild moderate tenderness in the first few days of the treatment that will eventually settle down. 

Contusion and bruising: 

Some patients have reported signs of contusion and bruising especially at the site of the injections. This normally occurs when the candidate either moves or jerks during the insertion of the  needle. 

Mild pain:

Although the treatment is non-surgical, you can experience some mild pain at this site of the needle  insertion.

Swelling to Some Extent:

Swelling can be observed in some patients whereas some candidates do not show any swelling at all.  Some candidates think that their body still appears the same, or might have increased in mass after the injection.  

Little do they know that it is not the mass that has doubled, but it is the swelling which is one of the postoperative complications or fat melting injections .

What is the Post treatment Care after Fat Melting Injections? 

There are normally no post treatment instructions as such but you need to take care and keep things in mind such as: 

  •  Avoid any blood thinning medication.
  •  ice the area where you have received the injections.
  •  do not vigorously rub or scratch the area where the needle was  inserted.
  • Report to the physician if you notice any unusual changes in the body.

The Final Verdict!

If you also want a streamlined body without paying for pricey gyms, then book your session for fat melting injections in Dubai right now and call on a toll free number for free consultation.