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Perfectly aligned teeth are demanded by everyone and it takes a great deal of patience to undergo its treatment. The by far best treatment for a perfect alignment of the teeth are braces. The process is lengthy but still it’s worth the wait and the end results are extremely amazing and will leave you loving your smile more than ever.  We are running the best dental braces in Dubai and have introduced some very exciting prices and offers exclusively for our valued clients.

What Are Braces?

Braces are orthodontic treatments that require a series of steps to be followed and done over every visit at the dentist. The treatment is a very complex one and is carried out by dealing with the movement of the roots of the teeth. The treatment is done to straighten and realign the teeth that are protruded, crooked, retruded and tilted. 

What Are The Types Of Braces?

Conventionally there were only metallic braces used however, after the evolution of other techniques and improved research there are many more types of braces now used that have the same or you can see a much better result as compared to the conventional braces.  The types of braces used in our practice include: 

  • Metallic braces.
  • Ceramic braces.
  • Damon braces.
  • Invisalign.
  • Lingual braces.

What Is The Procedure Of The Application Of Braces?

The application of braces is not under the domain of any normal dentist. Only a skillful and well versed orthodontic specialist knows the right procedure. Here is how it is done: 

Initial Consultation:

The dentist will diagnose the oral cavity and will look for the treatment plan. The key to a perfect Dental braces in Dubai  lies in the treatment planning done by the professional. 


Full mouth X rays and cephalograms are very important before the start of the dental braces treatment. Full mouth X rays can best describe how the positioning of their roots are and how they are supposed to be altered in order to provide a classical treatment.  

Size Taking and Impression:

The entire treatment of braces depends upon the accuracy and precision of the impression. The dentist will work on the model that is created after taking the impression and will construct the appliance according to the patient’s model. 

Braces Placement:

The patient’s teeth surfaces are first cleaned, it is better to take scaling before the treatment starts as it will clear out all the debris and plaque that has been stagnated on the surfaces. A bonding agent is applied on all the teeth and then before it dries off the dental metallic brackets are placed over each tooth of one side till the other side. To tighten up the wire and keep it intact rubber rings are placed and secured over the brackets.

Follow Ups and Treatment Frequency:

The main goal of the treatment is to straighten and align the teeth completely; this is best possible if the patient complies well with the follow ups. Within each follow up, the dentist will tighten and refresh the rubber rings .  The dentist will look for the changes to be done within every visit; the teeth positioning is expected to be altered.

How Much Do Dental Braces Cost in Dubai? 

Dental braces cost in Dubai is quite expensive because the treatment is complex and requires some specialized equipment also. However we have introduced some Braces in Dubai best prices and offers for you so that you can avail them. 

  • Invisalign braces in Dubai Costs 7500 AED.
  • Ceramic braces in Dubai Costs 7500 AED.
  • Metal braces in Dubai Costs 5000 AED.
  • Lingual braces in Dubai  Costs 14,000 AED.

What Are The Benefits of Dental Braces?

  • A perfectly aligned set of teeth.
  •  Confident smile.
  •  No more problems of plaque retention.
  • Straighten teeth without crookedness and tilting.

What Are The After Care Of Braces?

  •  Avoid eating food that is extra chewy or requires pulling forcefully. 
  •  it is better to take semi solid diet in the first few days of the treatment.
  •  avoid vigorous brushing and it is better to use an interdental brush. 
  •  take scaling regularly as there are more chances of plaque accumulation especially around the metallic brackets. 
  •  in case of a bracket dislodgement keep it safely to be bonded in the next visit. 
  •  After the initial placement of braces there might be mild to moderate pain therefore you can take painkillers for it.
  •  Try to maintain hygiene and do not let any food debris get stagnated within the brackets or the wires. 

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Dental Braces?


  •  Even and regularly arranged teeth in alignment.
  •  no more self hesitance and problems with smiling.
  •  a perfect facial profile.


  •  Pain in the early days of the treatment which can be severe in some cases. 
  • Choosing a skillful professional is mandatory as not doing so will lead the treatment towards failure.

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We cater multiple patients every year and provide our exuberant services to them. Our patients are very satisfied with our team of dentists that are providing the dental braces in Dubai.

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Final Verdict!

Our clinic is running the braces in Dubai best prices and offers and we would like you to avail them before they end. Every individual deserves to smile with confidence and so we want you to revive your smile like never before.