Botox Injection for Stomach Side Effects in Dubai & Abu Dhabi UAE

Botox Injection in the Stomach provides a solution for the obesity problem.

It works in the same way with facial muscles. Just blocks a key nerve in the stomach that controls feelings of hunger and fullness. This way stomach wall becomes paralyzed which leads to relaxation, reduces appetite, and restricts the amount of food consumed.

Besides, when it comes to the stomach, the safety of this procedure is often an important matter that the majority is mostly concerned about. Patients usually ask for, Botox Injection for Stomach Side Effects in Dubai. So, to get you out of its complexity dilemma, this blog can surely help. Here I have mentioned every single problem you can face with this injection along with potential risks. As we don’t hide anything from our patients. Read on.

Procedure for Stomach Botox:

Stomach Botox in Dubai is not a complex obesity surgery. It is an outpatient endoscopy. Our practitioners would pass Botox drip with a small needle through an endoscope, without any general anesthesia. The entire process takes only 20 minutes. And you are free to leave the clinic after this.

Well, this treatment isn’t considered risky like other surgical procedures. Still, for accurate know-how of its side effects, read on next title.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Since Botox is pretty simple and has no serious signs yet if the right dosage is given correctly by a specialist. Even though, some side effects are still reported in literal means. They typically include swelling, pain, nausea, and indigestion as well.

Though, the side effects mentioned above are temporary. Usually meant for the first 24 hours and aren’t much dangerous as the myths revolving around.

So if you are considering Botox for the stomach, ensure your fitness first. Muscle diseases and allergic reactions are prone to complications.

Digestion Reaction:

The main effect on the stomach is lessened appetite. This also causes a person to feel full at once, even without eating enough food. So diet is reduced automatically and therefore weight.

Potential Complications:

Botox injection for stomach side effects in Dubai is not as severe as you are thinking. The most primary reaction is stomach ache. While stool bleeding or infection is most rare but noted as a potential complication after stomach Botox. If you notice black stool, vomiting, stomach or chest pains, contact our doctors straightaway.


Remember to consult our experts before making the final decision for this treatment.

At Dynamic clinic, we conduct various eligibility tests to check if the procedure is really suitable. Detailed medical diagnoses are part of our services. This ensures smooth results deprived of any complication.

Note: You are advised to fast for 6-8 hours for a good Botox experience.

Can These Injections Really Help in Weight Loss?

The researchers found that Botox doesn’t aid long-term weight loss regardless of temporary appetite shrinking. On average Botox helped to reduce around 17 percent of excess body weight. While with top-up injections this weight ratio simultaneously increased and reached up to 28 percent. This research is typically noted for people having BMIs ranging from 30-40.

The Takeaway:

While the use of Botox in the stomach is most surprising and generally known for weight loss. The cosmetic industry is now vastly considering the new use of Botox in obese people. It helps lose weight and fights against obesity. Even though Botox injection is not 100% safe for the stomach but not dangerous either. It just lessens the appetite to limit the food intake- So the less you eat, the less you gain.

Even though Botox Injection for Stomach Side Effects in Dubai is mentioned in this article. Still, for further information, queries, and unique guidance reach us directly through chat or book your consultation now.