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Ageing is a process that no one is safe from. Eventually, everyone, regardless of gender, faces this process. Over time, skin gets sloppy, wrinkles and fine lines prominently visible on the face, dullness, and skin dropping. Due to such concerns, individuals search out different remedies and treatment plans to bring out the lost dignified appearance. 

Dynamic Clinic Dubai is a renowned aesthetic clinic that ensures outstanding quality services and is recommended for these types of ageing issues. With various surgical and non-surgical treatment plans, our clinics’ most-demanded procedure for such concerns is PDO Thread

Learn more on PDO Threads, how they are used, and the Best PDO Thread Lifting Clinic in Dubai in this article. 

What is Thread Lift?

Before getting familiar with PDO Thread and its excellence in lifting, one should know what a thread lift is?

A Thread Lift in Dubai is an aesthetic operation that is a less invasive version of facelift surgery.

Thread lifts improve the skin by simply putting medical-grade thread substance into the face and then tightening the thread that pulls up the skin.

It seeks to raise and sculpt the form of the face or breasts and is also known as a hooked suture lift. Thread lifts stitch up the skin with artificial, medical-grade thread components to create it firmly.

What is PDO Thread?

Disposable polyester sutures are used in polydioxanone (PDO) thread lifts. They’re excellent for renewing youthful skin, while a few modern thread lifts are more effective at raising flabby skin.

What is PDO Thread Lifting?

Although a PDO thread lift is a groundbreaking new therapy in cosmetics, PDO threads have been successfully used for generations for various uses, including surgical treatments. 

For starters, it causes immediate face lifting mechanically. Furthermore, it causes fat tissue to constrict, resulting in immediate skin tightening. Finally, it stimulates collagen synthesis and neovascularisation, renewing the skin at the cellular level. All this interacts synergistically to improve the appearance of the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Where be PDO Thread Lifts Used?

Compared to other techniques that offer identical outcomes, the PDO Thread Lifting technique is relatively easy and inexpensive. These threads are primarily utilised on the face, eyes, eyebrows, and neck. But can also be used on the body to elevate skin. The thread lifting procedure is not a surgical operation. It’s a non-invasive, extremely safe, and productive in-office treatment with minimum interruption when conducted by a qualified doctor.

What is Facelift by Thread?

A Facelift by threading in Dubai is a technique that tightens and lifts the skin using a dissolvable suture. It’s a less surgical operation than a facelift, and it can usually be completed within 45 minutes, even without a scalpel.

How Much Does PDO Threading Cost?

In Dubai, PDO Thread Lift Cost is AED 150 (Per Thread). The cost may increase depending upon the patient’s condition and other factors. Therefore, it is recommended to consult your surgeon for exact treatment prices. 

Where Can I Find the Best Tread Lift in Dubai?

Dynamic Clinic Dubai is the Best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Dubai that provides high-quality services and is suggested for cosmetic/plastic procedures. We are experts in giving invasive and non-invasive procedure that helps reduce or eliminate the signs of ageing. PDO Thread is our clinic’s leading practical approach for such a problem. 

Are Thread Lifts Worth It?

Rather than drooping, the thread lift might be doing an outstanding job of pushing the jawline, jowls, and chin straight back near to the bone. The thread lift offers considerably more youthful-looking facial contours even without major surgery, which might be beneficial for both genders depending on their budget.

Take Away!

Get a younger-looking appearance with us. Let us help get rid of your droopy and saggy skin with a non-surgical treatment PDO Thread Lift plan provided near you. To know more about the Best PDO Thread Lifting Facial Clinic in Dubai, schedule your free consultation or connect with us via telephonic. Book your slot by filling up the form NOW!